Introducing CloudMatHD


Health care costs are making prevention the solution. We recognize that every work environment is unique and its needs are different. We know that static standing results in muscle atrophy, pain and unexplainable lower back troubles. Natural and man-made vibrations are amplified by concrete and steel floors, leading to pain in the load bearing joints.

Product Features

  • The only mat that meets OSHA Color Identification Sandard Code: 29 CFR 1910-144(a)(3) with 1″ hight yellow safety caution bars.
  • Keeps body in gentle motion to improve circulation and joint lubrication
  • Eliminates high frequency vibrationscloudmatHD
  • Designed for fixed workstations
  • Made of heavy, resilient, closed-cell foam rubber, not plastic
  • 1″ thick closed cell nitrile foam rubber
  • Will not compression set
  • Self extinguishing
  • Will not absorb liquids
  • Silicone free
  • Available Sizes: S: 14″x21″ M: 16″x36″ L: 18″x36″ XL: 2’x3′